Hello darlings!

Do you subscribe to any scrapbooking kits? I resisted them for a long time because I’m a control freak, and liked to buy the exact supplies I wanted every time. I worried that having a kit sent to me would saddle me with a whole bunch of supplies I didn’t like and would never end up using.

But after being a part of the scrappy community for a while, I came to see the value in kits. For me there were a few main advantages:

  • If the kit is well put together, you get a selection of supplies that coordinate really well with each other. This makes it easy when you’re sitting down to create a project, because a lot of the hard work of sifting through your supplies for things that work well together is already done for you. You can see that in action in this process video I made with a Felicity Jane kit.
  • Depending on the club, you often get exclusive products. These can range from patterned paper, to embellishments, to journal cards, and different clubs specialise in different things. In fact, many of them have a range of kits to choose from depending on what you like to make.
  • You’re stretched to have a go at using products and techniques that you may never otherwise try.
  • You get monthly treats in your mailbox – and who doesn’t love happy mail?

In the last few months I’ve been testing a few different kits and trying them on for size.

  • Felicity Jane – Gloriously curated, beautiful quality, and full of exclusives. I love what I get in these kits and I can’t get the products anywhere else.
  • Gossamer Blue – I’ve been getting their pocket scrapping kits. I think the cards are cute, and I think the additional embellishments are good value.
  • Studio Calico – I’ve been getting their pocket scrapping kit too. I haven’t decided whether I’ll continue with them, because the extent to which I like the kits varies quite dramatically from month to month. The jury’s still out on this.
  • The Scrappery – I was excited to try this company because they’re Australian. I like to buy from Aussie companies because it’s good to shop local, and because it keeps shipping costs down. But I haven’t been overly thrilled with the variety of products included in the kits (I got the scrapbooking one rather than the pocket pages one).
  • Citrus Twist – I’ve just subscribed and am yet to receive my first kit, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen in other people’s projects.
  • Ali Edwards’ story kits – I subscribed to this one for a while, but ended up ending my subscription just because I felt I wanted to branch out a bit from the style that Ali has established. I really like her designs, and participating in her projects, but the Story Kits were not inspiring me the way I wanted them to.

I’ve been making unboxing videos which you can find here:

Over time I’ll pare back my subscriptions to two (or three) a month, but I’m having fun testing them all out for now!

What are your favourite kits? Are there any you think I should try?