we have a new coffee table in our house. this afternoon, as i was rambling to my partner about being at a loose end, she suggested i make some coasters to go on it.
so i did.
it was so easy – i just made it up as i went along.
if you want to make some of your own, here are the steps:

1. choose two fabrics that you are fond of, and that you think look good together. designate one as fabric A and one as fabric B (it doesn’t matter which is which).
2. from fabric A cut 6 squares that are 3.75″ by 3.75″.
3. do the same with fabric B.
4. then cut 6 squares, also 3.75″ by 3.75″, of iron on pellon (i used vilene h 640 – a little squishy, but not too fat for your drinks to sit on with stability!) and iron a piece to the wrong side of each piece of fabric B.
5. place a piece of fabric A on top of fabric B, right sides together (so you have the pelloned side of fabric B, and the wrong side of fabric A facing out), and pin. do this with all six paired pieces.
6. sew around the edges of each little fabric sandwich, with a scant 0.25″ seam allowance, making sure you leave a 1.5″ gap for turning.
7. trim the corners, then turn your coasters the right way out. make sure you use a knitting needle, pencil, or similar, to gently work the corners all the way out.
8. iron each coaster, and as you do so, carefully fold the seams of your turning hole in so that they form a neat edge. at this point you could slipstitch the gap closed, but i am far too lazy for that, and just make sure to catch the edges and secure the hole in the next step.
9. sew a top stitch around the outside of each coaster, leaving approx 0.25″ between your stitches and the edge.
10. press once more, then use and enjoy!

there are two things i like about this – the first is they would make great presents for friends and family, and the second is that there’s a seemingly endless range of ways you could personalise and embellish them. i think my next set will have lace around the edges – or maybe ric rac!
i hope you get a chance to make a set of your own. let me know in a comment if you do!