this week has been better than last week, but so busy! we moved house, and it was very frustrating not to be able to lift heavy boxes, or move furniture. i’ve been doing what i can, and there’s been plenty to get on with.
it’s great to be in our new house – the house we’ll bring the baby home to when it’s born. the house they’ll grow up in. it feels good.

this week we had our first obstetrician appointment. we really like the woman we’ve chosen. she is calm, sensible, respectful, and she has a sense of humour. she definitely makes me feel confident that she knows what she’s doing, and we’re safe.
she had ultrasound equipment in her office, so we got to see the baby for the first time. it’s little heart was beating, and it was such a relief to see it. it made everything feel much more real. once we’d seen it, we decided that we ha to tell people – we’re not quite at 12 weeks, but we just couldn’t keep it in any more. here’s a picture:

i’m hoping to make some more varied posts as soon as we get the internet connected again. but it’s fruit in the mean time! 🙂