this week the baby is the size of a large plum. there’s something very satisfying about this. it’s getting more and more substantial, and safer every day. incredibly, almost all of the baby’s basic physical structures have been formed now. organs, bones, limbs, they’re all there. all it has to do for the next 6 months is grow and get stronger.

i’ve had a relatively good week. everyone around me, including s, is sick, and while i’ve felt a bit snuffly, and had a touch of sore throat, my immune system has been doing a valiant job of keeping the germs at bay. i’m doing my best to support it by resting, taking vitamins, eating lots of citrus, and drinking all the fluids i can handle. and let me tell you, when your bladder is all squished up by an ever expanding uterus, that makes for a looooot of trips to the bathroom.

my boobs have been really sore for the last few weeks, and they seem to have become noticeably larger, if comments from friends are anything to go by. my bras still fit for now, but i may need to look into getting a couple of bigger ones soon. boo. i hate bra shopping.

there haven’t been a lot of other pregnancy-related symptoms going on in my body. i’m not feeling sick, my hormones seem to have settled a little since the other week (though i’m sure i’m in for many more ups and downs along the way), and i’m generally feeling pretty normal. i’m keeping my fingers crossed that things stay uneventful.

 this week i also:

  • joined the australian breastfeeding association, who provide information and support for breastfeeding. this will be particularly useful and important if i have a caesarian birth, because that can pose problems for breastfeeding.
  • booked a baby capsule for the car. i wanted to make sure we could book the exact one we wanted, and you have to get in alarmingly early to do this. we’re likely to buy things like the cot and the pram, but it’s much cheaper to hire the capsule, since the baby won’t actually use it for that long. i was really happy with the service at the place we used.