this is the first of the second trimester, and i’ve been feeling great about that. there is so much anxiety and trepidation around the first trimester, and i’ve been very much looking forward to it being over and done with. the next big relief will be getting to 24 weeks, which is the stage at which the baby has a chance to survive if it’s born prematurely.

this week i’ve had a bit of trouble with food and digestion. i’ve experienced heartburn for the first time (i was never prone to it pre-pregnancy), and had a couple of major stomach upsets associated with the types and quantities of food i’d eaten. i learned early on that ‘small portions of plain food, regularly‘ was the way to go for me, but i’ve forgotten from time to time and overdone it a bit either with richness, spiciness, or amounts. the results have been… ugly. i’ll try to learn from my mistakes!

we got the results from the bloods that the ob/gyn ordered last week, and they showed that my vitamin d levels are low. it’s no big deal, i just have to take a specific d supplement in addition to my pregnancy one.

as i mentioned earlier, we had the 12 week scan, which was wonderful. i’m hanging out for the 20 week one now!