i feel like the fruit choice was pretty arbitrary again this week, but who am i to question the undoubtedly rigorous scientific processes that go into selecting the baby/fruit/week correlations?

it’s been a pretty good week, especially since the ob/gyn visit. i’ve been able to relax, and feel like things are going as they should. and there have been no more bleeds to shake my equilibrium.

i attempted shopping for maternity clothes this week. HAH! what a joke! there was almost nothing in my size, and the few items i found were both uncomfortable and frumpy. i think clothing manufacturers assume that plus-size women don’t get pregnant, because after all, who’d want to sleep with a big porker anyway? i wanted a couple of tops, and a pair of pants, but i think i’m going to have to stick to empire line dresses and leggings.

my tum has gotten noticeably rounder in the last few days. i want to post a picture, because i think i’ll regret it later if i don’t document this, but i’m doing so with a sense of trepidation, because i don’t feel super comfortable showing my body off… here goes…

i had a bit of a tum before i was pregnant, due to being a but of a fatty (AU18), but it has definitely gotten bigger and changed shape lately. people who know i’m pregnant have started noticing and commenting, which is nice (at least, it’s nice for now – i might be over it in 6 months!).

to go along with the growing tum, i’ve had some odd stretchy/crampy feelings. they’re a little like period pain, but different, which i guess makes sense, because the muscles that are normally contracting are actually stretching and expanding. i was a bit worried about them at first, but they make sense to me now. fruiby needs more space, my body has to accommodate this, and that’s not going to be a sensation-free process.

the only other thing that’s changed this week is that i have become even more exhausted than usual. i’d heard that the tiredness of the first trimester abates somewhat in the second, but so far it’s only intensified. it’s making it hard for me to get things done, but i’m trying my best to just go with it. it doesn’t help that i can’t sleep through the night – i have to get up between 2 and 4 times to pee. i suppose i should look at that as practice for when the baby’s here and we’re waking up every couple of hours for feeds, but frankly, i want to be getting the most out of my sleeping time while i can! ho hum…