this week the baby should measure roughly 5.5 inches from head to bum, which according to the infallible internets, is about the size of a capsicum.

it’s been another uneventful week in pregnancy terms. i’m getting over my cold, so my energy levels are still pretty low, but i’ve been going for a few walks, making it to classes, and attempting to get some general housey things done too.

i think my uterus has finally grown enough that it’s moved right up out of my pelvis because this week i haven’t had to get up for the bathroom in the night anywhere near as much. in fact i’ve even had one or two nights of sleeping right through!

the flutter!kicks are still happening from time to time – they’re still not proper whacks, but they’re gradually getting stronger. it should only be a couple more weeks before they can be felt from the outside.

the best thing that happened this week was that the child who is likely to be one of fruiby’s best friends got a 5 month head start on life. our dear friends r & s welcomed a perfect baby boy:

meeting him has made me even more excited about welcoming our little person in january. he is just so tiny and smishy, and he smells so great. i’ve only held him once, but it was a completely blissed out experience… i can hardly imagine how much more wonderful that feeling must be when the baby is your own.