this week, it has felt like fruiby has had a serious growth spurt. i know that there’s a lot of growing and developing going on in there anyway, but this week my tum seems to have popped out significantly, and i have been monumentally exhausted. i mean i have been hit by waves of exhaustion that have left me weak, shaky, clammy and nauseous. getting out of bed in the morning has felt like a herculean effort, and it’s been all i could do not to spend most of my days napping.

having cfs means that these feelings are not foreign to me, but i haven’t had them to this extent since before getting pregnant, and it’s been a bit frustrating to have to contend with them again. i am carrying on with life regardless, going to uni, visiting friends, pottering in the garden, going for short walks, sewing… i have to do these things, because otherwise i get bored, and then i get depressed, and the problem compounds itself.

i’ve also found myself getting noticeably clumsier over the last week or so. i keep whacking my tummy on things because it sticks out further than it used to. i’ve also conked my head a few times, and am continually hitting my feet and knees against the furniture.

another thing i did this week was organise all our pregnancy-related paperwork into one big folder. i was keeping hings in one of those plastic display folders, but it filled up so quickly that i had to find an alternative. everything is now neatly filed under:

  • ‘ob/gyn and hospital’
  • ‘scans and tests’
  • ‘breastfeeding and aba’
  • ‘courses and info’, and
  • ‘misc. info and pamphlets’.

it’s amazing how much stuff we’ve managed to accumulate so far, and i can only see it increasing as we progress. i need to feel like it’s organised properly, and that i can find any information i need without having to take the house apart.

plus, i think the folder will be an interesting record for the future – the procedures, traditions, and accepted wisdom around pregnancy and birth change so quickly, that in 30 years this will probably be an interesting historical relic. when i was at her house the other day, my mum was showing me some of the bits and pieces she’s kept from my birth, and it was like looking through the contents of a time capsule. i’d like fruiby to be able to look through this stuff when they’re my age and maybe even expecting a baby of their own. there are pamphlets and information sheets, as well as hand-written notes by me, photos from ultrasounds, etc etc. it’s as close as i get to scrapbooking.

side note: until now i’ve been using “shakeit photo” to make my photos into polariods for this blog, but i’ve just switched to photostyler because it means i don’t have to edit photos on my iphone, and can do it directly on my mac.