this week, fruiby is the size of a spaghetti squash. i’d never heard of this vegetable, but some investigation showed me that the flesh is stringy and is just like spaghetti. it looks pretty great…
my update is a little late this week because we have come over to perth for the weekend for the funeral of a close family friend. it’s been sad, but we’re glad to have spent some time with s’s family, who we don’t get to see anywhere near as often as we’d like.
as a consequence of this trip, fruiby has now had his first plane ride. i’m pretty sure he has some strong feelings about flying because he seemed to kick and wriggle more in those four hours in the air than he ever had before. this week, his kicks have definitely become stronger, and i love that, because it means he’s growing, and i have more regular reminders that he’s doing ok in there.
i’ve been having a few leg cramps in my sleep, which is annoying, but i’m told it’s pretty normal. i’ll have to pick up a magnesium supplement next time i’m at the health food shop.
there isn’t a lot of other news, which is good!