this week, fruiby is the length of an ear of corn. he can hear now, and my mum is talking to my tummy whenever she sees me. conspiratorially. it is both cute, and suspicious. s has felt some more kicks, and the baby is generally making is presence felt in a more determined and regular way. it’s awesome.

i’m looking properly pregnant now. people are confidently asking “when are you due?” etc. without wondering if they’re making some kind of fat-girl faux pas. i’m glad about that, because the not-so-subtle “is she or isn’t she?” looks were starting to really annoy me.

on the subject of tummies, it was interesting to compare my tum-size to other mums at the prenatal class last night. they were all at least a few weeks further on than me, but my belly was bigger than many. it’s amazing how all women carry their babies so differently. i was a bit of a fatty to begin with, so that would make me look bigger, i guess. plus, we do tend to have big babies, and “carry large” in our family. when my mum was pregnant with my youngest brother she was so big they thought she must be having twins. bodies are interesting.

we had another ob/gyn appointment on wednesday, and things are progressing well. my measurements are all good (blood pressure, fundal height etc), and fruiby’s heart beat was strong and regular.
we discovered that we will be having another routine ultrasound after all – i had thought that the 20wk scan was the last one, but we have one at 32wks as well. i’m happy about that because i love seeing the baby.
we’ve been having ob appointments on a monthly basis, but soon we move to fortnightly, and after 36 weeks we see her weekly. this whole thing is gathering momentum! wheee!