this week fruiby is the size of a swede (or rutabaga if you are american), though i think that is based on weight rather than length.
i have had another roughish week. i’ve been incredibly, astoundingly, stupefyingly exhausted. i’ve had to nap most days because i’ve been literally unable to stay awake. it’s been making me feel quite anxious, because i’m not going to be able to do that when the baby arrives, and i’m a bit scared about being the worst mother in the universe. i’ve been having anxiety dreams as a result – ones about falling asleep and waking up to find the baby gone, and then frantically trying to find it, etc.
most of the ways i usually sit are becoming uncomfortable as my joints change and my belly gets bigger. i’m used to sitting with my legs curled up underneath me, and kind of leaning to the side (it keeps my sewing arm freest!), but now the most comfortable way to sit is basically upright with my feet up. i’m also finding that the tum is getting in the way when i want to bend over, so i’ve either got to squat, or lean over a bit sideways. it’s pretty elegant, i’ve got to tell you.
the whole “pregnancy brain” thing has started to kick in. i wonder if it’s a result of the tiredness? i am vagueing out a lot, forgetting things that i was thinking about only a moment before, and having difficulty concentrating. i’m not too stressed about it, but i think i will have to start making written notes about things i need to remember, or i might find myself in trouble.
if kicking is anything to go by, fruiby is doing well. he’s very active and seems to particularly enjoy tap dancing on my bladder. good times.