this week fruiby is the size of a cauliflower, and it has been the final week of the second trimester. i have successfully incubated a human for two whole trimesters, and now there’s only one to go before we get to meet him!
the tiredness hasn’t abated in any way, and i’ve been needing to nap most afternoons. when i don’t get to do this i get very vague and pale. s has been good at sending me off for a snooze when she sees me flagging. i’m usually good for no more than about six consecutive hours of being awake and that’s about it.
the breathlessness continues as well, but is now accompanied by weird hot flushes. i was thinking about how to describe these spells last night, and they’re actually a lot like panic attacks, except without the psychological element, i.e. feelings of terror and impending catastrophe.

i’m very interested to see what trimester three will bring. that’s when all the really juicy and disgusting pregnancy symptoms show up. frankly, if i manage to dodge haemorrhoids i’ll be happy.

eta: i forgot to mention that i’ve also been getting really bad leg cramps in my sleep. i wake up at least once a night with both my legs seizing up and spasming. it’s really uncomfortable, and sometimes scary!