this week, fruiby is the size of a chinese cabbage, or wombok. 28 weeks is a very relieving milestone to reach. while babies born earlier often survive (with much medical intervention), their prognosis becomes a lot more positive after 28 weeks. this is mainly because their lungs are more developed, and they have more fat on their bodies. 
the biggest change for me this week has been in the kinds of movements i’ve been feeling. until recently i was just feeling what for fruiby would have been the stronger kicks and more pronounced movements, but now i can feel his more subtle and incidental wriggles, rolls, and rearrangements. it is the strangest feeling to have my hand against my tummy, and feel a little knee or heel go sliding past. i can’t really identify which specific body parts are which, but i can feel their firm roundedness, and it’s pretty amazing. the fact that there’s a person in there is becoming more and more real to me.
s has had many more opportunities to feel kicks and movements (fruiby tends to be particularly active in the evening when we go to bed), and i’m really happy she’s getting more opportunities to bond and connect with our boy.
ooh – and i can now see particularly strong kicks from the outside, which is cool, but unnerving, because it looks a little like he’s trying to get out alien-style.
the tiredness continues unabated, and i am trying to manage it with judicious naps, and decent eating. my organs are definitely getting squished now, and my stomach makes the loudest and most pronounced gurgling/digestion noises whenever i eat or drink anything. seems like a vaguely tmi thing to mention, but it’s really quite comical. i wonder if all that amniotic fluid in my abdomen is acting as some kind of amplification chamber?
speaking of food, i’ve been very keen on dairy this week. i’ve been particularly enjoying banana smoothies with breakfast (banana, milk, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, all blended together).
i have a big exam coming up, and summoning the energy to study every day has been hard, but i’m doing my best.
… and i think that’s about where we’re at!