yes, folks, we are in the realms of pumpkins and melons now. shit is getting real.

this week involved another routine trip to the ob/gyn (they’re fortnightly from now til 36wks, and weekly after that), where i had my glucose challenge test. see this post for details. i have since heard back from her and i ‘passed’ the test. no gestational diabetes for me! hooray! i’ve had some comments from some people seem to have been a bit hurt by how blasĂ© i was about the test, having had negative reactions to it themselves (mainly nausea from the drink). i didn’t mean to downplay their experiences, and i hope they didn’t feel marginalised by my subjective description of the test. i tried to explain my feelings about it in a reply comment on lj which i think bears repeating here:

“… my issue is with people making other people unnecessarily scared and anxious by telling horror stories. it’s the same with mothers telling pregnant women their awful birth stories – what do they hope to achieve by this?
i got so anxious about taking this damn test, and i was really quite annoyed that i went through all that turmoil for something that wasn’t even remotely unpleasant for me.
it’s one thing to warn people and say that they might experience some negative side effects, and another to deliberately try to frighten them for the sake of it.”

so, my apologies if i hurt your feelings, and hopefully you’ll understand where i was coming from.

fruiby seems to be doing well in there. he definitely has days of being more active, and days of being more relaxed and quiet. on the quiet days i have to remind myself that everyone has varying levels of energy and activity from day to day, even unborn babies, and that just because he isn’t dancing a jig in there, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with him. and sure enough he’ll be wriggling around cheerfully again the next day.

he’s head down, which explains the pressure i’ve been feeling on my bladder – i’ll go to the bathroom, and then sometimes feel like i have to go again literally 5mins later, it seems the pressure is triggering the ‘need to pee’ sensation. my hips have also been a bit sore (especially at night when i’ve been lying in the same position for too long), and i guess having a head wedged into my pelvis might have something to do with that too.

at the risk of this post turning into one long list of aches and pains, i also have to report a relatively consistent feeling of tenderness (like pressing on a bruise) in my upper right abdomen. i mentioned it to my ob/gyn and she thinks it’s just the muscles stretching, so i’m not worrying about it, but it is oddly localised, and annoyingly THERE. hopefully it will go away as those muscles continue to stretch and change.

my fingers have now swollen up sufficiently to prevent me from wearing my beautiful not-a-wedding-ring*. my finger feels very naked without it, and i miss it’s sparkly presence! i thought about wearing it on a chain around my neck, but i felt very anxious about the possibility of losing it so instead i’m tucking it away somewhere very safe until after fruiby is born.

my feet are also swelling up, charmingly. several pairs of shoes no longer fit. luckily the weather is warm and i only really want to wear birkenstocks and thongs anyway, and they tend to be less restrictive.

i sat my last exam for the year today, and fruiby was remarkably considerate. i was a little worried that he would decide to do some bladder trampolining or something, and distract me, but he seemed to sleep through the whole thing. preparing for that exam was an odd experience. i’m normally relatively aware of my own cognitive abilities (for better or worse), and can gauge how well i am learning and retaining information, but i really didn’t feel that this time. my memory, my cognitive processing power, my grasp of language, and my concentration/attention span have all become unknown quantities to me in the last few months and that has been really disorienting. luckily i feel like i answered each of the four essay questions with sufficient detail and clarity to at least pass the exam, but i went into that room without any kind of certainty that that would be the case. it could have gone either way.

ok, i think it’s time to wrap this unusually long post up…!

* gay marriage isn’t legal in australia, but s and i wear rings on or left ring fingers, and we had a ‘really big party‘ which was our equivalent of a wedding.