fruiby is now the size of a large cabbage. this is making me think of cabbage patch dolls, and wonder if they were that creepy when i was a kid. back then i just thought they were cute, but they are kind of scary looking to me now… 
last weeks glucose challenge test also involved taking some routine bloods to check my levels of miscellaneous vitamins, iron etc. i heard back from the ob/gyn this week, and she said that my iron levels were low and i should take a supplement. for comparison’s sake, last time they were 28, and this time they were 6. that might go some way to explaining the magnitude of this tiredness i’m always complaining about! i started taking the supplement a couple of days ago, so we’ll see if that helps at all. i’m still pregnant, and i still have cfs, so i doubt i’ll be springing about all perkily any time soon, but it would be nice to get a little relief.
i’m having to be a bit careful when i get up from a sitting position, as i am now getting quite dizzy when i do so. it usually passes quickly, but i just have to remember to go slowly because i don’t want to faint or fall over.
fruiby has had a few very active days this week, so i assume he’s doing fine in there. he’ll sometimes respond with kicks if i give my tummy a bit of a press or a poke, but sometimes he ignores me. and fair enough too – it’s pretty rude of me.
only 9 weeks til we meet him!