fruiby is growing so fast that his size can no longer be described by individual fruits! he needs a whole fruit bowl!

thankfully, things have settled down since the dramas of earlier in the week. i have had an ecg, and an ultrasound of my heart to check what’s going on in there, but i’m yet to hear back about the results. i expect that we’ll get some info on that around the middle of next week.

our obstetrician is part of a practice of five obstetricians and two midwives, and they like their patients to meet all of the staff before giving birth, in case your particular ob can’t be present. that way you’re not in the hands of a complete stranger if your usual ob is with another person, or sick, or can’t be there for some other reason when the time comes.
for this reason, our scheduled appointment was with a different ob this time. she was just as friendly and capable as our usual doctor, so it was no big deal. it was the day after we got back from sydney, so i was feeling incredibly tired, and completely over talking about my health and my body. i told s how i was feeling before the appointment and she did a lot of the explaining, which was lovely of her.
we had a listen to fruiby’s heart, felt my tummy, took my blood pressure, and measured my fundal height, and everything looked good.
we talked about the fact that he is so big (i think i mentioned in my previous post that he is in the 97th percentile for his gestational age), and i asked if that was something i should be concerned about, given that he’s more than two standard deviations away from the mean baby size, which denotes statistical (thought not necessarily literal/physical) abnormality. she said that the margin of error in the actual measurements at this stage is about 15%, so he may not actually be as big as all that, but that to be on the safe side i should take the glucose tolerance test to be extra sure that i don’t have gestational diabetes, because that is the main thing that causes babies to be extra big. i’ll be taking that on tuesday. unlike the glucose challenge test that i took the other week, i have to fast before this one, and it involves two blood tests instead of one, with a two hour wait between them. more of a hassle, but hopefully not too big a deal.

i’m starting to get a little more uncomfortable in my body now. sitting down for too long is unpleasant, and lying in bed in one position for too long makes my hips and legs ache. basically i am behaving like a restless child, unable to just sit still!

i’m getting some round ligament pain as my belly gets bigger. it’s not unbearable, but it’s certainly annoying and uncomfortable. it kind of reminds me of period pain, but i think that’s more because of it’s location than it’s nature. i’m yet to experience any crampy, contractiony type pain. i wonder if i will get braxton hicks contractions or not?

energy levels are still very low, but i’m taking a super-strength iron supplement that i hope will kick in soon. this should also help with the breathlessness and dizziness too, as low iron means that your blood isn’t as good at transporting oxygen around your body. fingers crossed.

i am loving the movements i can feel now. i am much more aware of them because they are so much more pronounced than they have been. it is so cool to feel the bumpy bits of his little body, and have him kick back when i poke him. that definitely makes the discomfort worthwhile.