this week fruiby weighs the same as a large jicama. though he should be significantly longer, and hopefully a lot prettier. 
earlier this week i took the glucose tolerance test, as the doctor suggested last week. it was more of a hoo-ha than the glucose challenge test, but i didn’t have a bad reaction to it as i understand some people do.
i had to fast from 10pm the night preceding the test, then the following morning i went in to the pathologist’s office and had a blood test. i then drank the same sugary-sweet drink that they gave me in the glucose challenge test, waited an hour, had another blood test, waited a second hour, and then had a third blood test. 
the drink was a little more icky first thing in the morning on and empty stomach, and waiting around for two hours when i was quite hungry was a bit of a drag, but otherwise it was fine. i didn’t get the dizziness, headaches, or nausea that some people do, and as i am not squeamish about needles, the blood tests were fine.
s waited with me the whole time, and when we were done she got me fruit salad, a croissant, and some juice, which was very welcome, and very delicious!
i’m yet to hear back abut the results, and i’m not sure if that’s because there’s nothing to report, or because my ob has been away on a conference for most of this week. same goes for the ecg and heart ultrasound. i’m choosing to go with the no-news-is-good-news hypothesis.
i’ve been quite emotionally reactive this week, and generally quite anxious. i’ve been planning to write a post about my (preexisting) anxiety/panic disorder for some time, but haven’t been sure where to begin, and how to frame it in relation to pregnancy, birth, parenting… it’s big, and it’s complicated, and i think it’s still a topic for another day. but i will get to it. because it’s an important part of this whole journey.
this week, i have just generally been feeling an elevated sense of worry and anxiety, particularly about fruiby’s wellbeing. there have been some tears, and some wakeful hours in the middle of the night. but at the end of the day all i can do is hope for the best, trust that my body will do it’s best to grow and care for this baby, that my doctors know what they’re doing, and that whatever happens s and i will manage it together. 
physically, i am doing ok. the iron supplement still hasn’t really had an noticeable effect, but i am continuing to take it daily, along with my pregnancy multi, my vitamins d & c, and my fish oil. 
i’m getting a few more stretch marks on my tummy, but they’re all on the underside of my bump, so i don’t really see them unless i look in the mirror before i get in the shower. 
after the dizzy-woozy-weird spells i was having last week i’ve been reluctant to go for walks on my own, as i had been doing regularly, but s has been walking with me when we’ve had time, so i’ve still been getting some exercise. the walks are definitely becoming more like ambles now, but i’m yet to transition to waddling!
my favourite things to eat are still fruits of various kinds. i’m loving watermelon, nectarines, and pineapple in particular. summer fruits are the most delicious.