this week fruiby should be about as heavy as a pineapple. 
the week has been good in some respects, and less good in others. 
the best bit was the baby shower, and having s’s mum stay with us for a few days. we have had some really good friend-and-family-time this week, and i have enjoyed that.
the less good things have just been normal third trimester irritations. 
i’m having trouble sleeping due to a combination of general physical discomfort, and being really thirsty and needing to drink a lot, and therefore pee pretty much every hour. this means that what sleep i am getting isn’t very restful, because i’m not making it through full 90 minute sleep cycles. this is generally making me feel exhausted, vague, and sometimes a bit irritable. i’ve tried different combinations of body pillows to position myself more comfortably in the night, but i’m yet to discover the perfect configuration. i’ve tried limiting the amount of water i drink in the evening and overnight, but i get so parched, that it’s really unpleasant. so i guess i just have to suck it up, and look on this as training for when fruiby arrives and we never sleep again.

all the muscles around my abdomen are now, obviously, very stretched out. they’re not supporting my torso in the way they used to, and this is making standing or sitting in any one position for too long kind of impossible. i know this is normal, but it’s also frustrating. we went to the market yesterday to do some shopping, and i had to stop and sit down every 15mins or so, when all i wanted was to get on with things. we’ve got family coming from interstate for christmas, and i’m worried that i’m not going to be able to do anything with them because i won’t have the physical strength to keep up.

that all sounds like a fair bit of complaining, and i really don’t mean it to. i’m grateful to be pregnant, i’m grateful fruiby’s growing, and i’m grateful that my body is doing such a good job of looking after him. but i want to record what this feels like, and it doesn’t always feel comfortable and glowy.

we saw our ob again this week for another routine check-up. she reported back about my glucose tolerance test, heart ultrasound, and ecg, and all were normal. there is nothing wrong with my heart, and i definitely do not have gestational diabetes. as she measured my fundal height she said “you know you’ve got a good-sized baby there” and we laughed. at this stage, i would only be mildly surprised if fruiby came out the size of your average four year old. every doctor we’ve seen in the last few weeks has been preparing us for baby-zilla. our gp went so far as to say that we must be relieved he’s “coming out the sun roof“, which i found particularly amusing.

fruibs has been doing a lot of kicking and wriggling this week. he squirms when i eat icy poles or drink frozen drinks, will often give extra big kicks when i am listening to loud music, and yesterday he gave such a sharp and sudden kick to my bladder that i almost peed my pants. good times.