this week fruiby weights about the same as a rockmelon (or cantaloupe if you are american). we picked one up at the supermarket and it was heavy. which is unsurprising, because the kid is starting to feel pretty heavy to lug around now!

physically, not a lot has changed since last week. the sleep issues are still the same, i’m still feeling kind of sore in certain muscle groups etc.
my tummy looks noticeably bigger every day or two. i am kind of loving it. i pat it a lot, and s pokes my sticky-outie belly button whenever she can.

i’ve been on iron supplements for a few weeks now, and i’ve noticed that i haven’t been getting as breathless as often as i had been, so i think they’re starting to take effect. i still get a little out of breath from time to time, but i think that’s pretty normal when your lungs are all squished up.

fruibs continues to be a very active baby. there’s lots of kicking and poking and head-butting going on in there. it’s great.

s and i have definitely got a couple of favourite names in mind now. we have had a list of about 10 for a while, but two have definitely floated quietly to the top over the last month or two, and unless they really don’t suit him we’ll almost certainly use one as a first name and the other as a middle name. but it is nice to have a list of others as backup, just in case.