this week, the average baby is the size of a honeydew melon. but not fruiby. oh, no. fruiby is a giant baby.
we learned in sydney that he was measuring in the 97th percentile for his gestational age, and we had that confirmed (as much as you can confirm these things) at our last routine ultrasound this week. at 34wks+2days his head was measuring about average for 40wks, and his body about average for 39wks. the sonographer estimated his weight at 7lb 9oz, and said he was the biggest baby she had seen in a while.
it’s just as well we haven’t bought any 0000 sized clothes for him.
i dont have any pictures from the ultrasound, because he wasn’t being cooperative. he had his hand in front of his face the whole time and the sonographer couldn’t get a single picture!

my feet have been getting alarmingly swollen. i no longer have ankles, i just have weird puffy sausages attached to the ends of my legs. none of my shoes fit. i can only wear thongs.

the underside of my tummy is now completely covered in bright purple stretch marks. it’s feeling heavy. when fruiby moves around he changes the shape of it, which is pretty cool to watch.

s took this picture of my belly last night.
as you can see, my jim jams are getting less and less effective.

we’re spending the week on the mornington peninsula with our family at the moment, and the house we’re renting has a lovely pool. i had a swim yesterday, and it was lovely to feel kind of weightless for a while. i think i will be making the most of that while we’re here.
it’s christmas eve, and we’re doing our big dinner, and gift-giving this evening, european style. there is lots of lovely wine and cider floating around and i am feeling a wee bit miffed that i don’t get to enjoy that aspect of the celebration, but the house is already smelling delicious, and i am looking forward to eating ham, turkey, pudding, and all the trimmings this evening.
next christmas fruiby will be almost a year old, and big enough to enjoy the sparkly decorations, and gnaw on everyone’s wrapping paper. i am very much looking forward to that.