this week fruiby should be the size of a crenshaw melon, but of course he isn’t. he more like a small pumpkin. i am sticking with the fruit and veg comparisons anyway, because it seems silly to abandon the theme now…

we spent part of this week down at the beach with family, celebrating christmas. it was nice to get away, but even nicer to come home. we’re at the stage of the pregnancy where i feel better being within a short drive of the hospital and our ob, just in case things happen early. not that i’m expecting them to. i still haven’t had a single braxton hicks contraction (though i know not everyone experiences them), and as far as i can tell fruiby hasn’t dropped yet (though again, not all babies do until the last minute). there are no signs that he’s coming early, but you never know!

this week i have developed a funny numb patch on my belly, right around my belly button. i wan’t sure whether it was something to be concerned about so i called one of our midwives, and she said it’s something that can happen when things get really stretched out, and is nothing to worry about. it feels funny, though. and i’m quite aware of it because i am rubbing my tummy a lot. i can’t help it, it’s so round! and it’s fun to pat fruiby’s lumpy bits and have him kick back at me.
i’ve had a sore back for a while now, especially when i wake up in the mornings, but it got particularly bad while we were away. i got hardly any sleep, and felt like a bit of a zombie for most of the time. in retrospect, think it may have been the fact that the bed we were sleeping on was a lot softer than our bed at home. since we’ve been back i have slept better. i have also been using he belly wedge that our friend l gave me, and i think that has been helping too (i forgot to pack it when we left). i’m still getting up to wee at least 4 or 5 times a night, but at least i don’t have to pace about until my muscles loosen up!
s and i are now starting to take stock of what we have and still need. we are well set up with the big stuff – we’ve got our cot, a baby hammock, the pram, etc., we even have some luxuries like this amazing gliding nursing chair that s’s mum bought us, so now we are just making sure that we have enough nappies (we’re going cloth), pul covers, and sufficient clothes in appropriate sizes. thus far i have just kind of been buying stuff i’ve liked, and trying to mix the sizes up so we have cool things to dress him in at different ages up to about 18 months, but now we are making sure we have enough basics too. i think we’re relatively well sorted for the first little while at least, depending on how large he actually ends up being, and how quickly he grows in his first few weeks. it’s so hard to guess these things!
along with the stock-taking and sorting, we have also begun pre-washing nappies, wraps, and clothes. seeing all those gorgeous little things hanging on the line has been pretty exciting. it makes everything seem that little bit closer and more real.
three weeks to go!