this week fruiby should be the length of your average piece of swiss chard.

we had an ob appointment (we’re up to weekly visits now) where we had all the routine checks (my blood pressure and his heart rate were both good). dr r felt my tummy to ascertain his position, and confirmed what i had thought might be the case: he has dropped/engaged. i’d suspected this because my lower back pain has increased in the last week or two, and because the pressure i’m feeling on my bladder and in my pelvis has increased dramatically too. i feel like i need to pee all the time – even when i know there’s nothing in my bladder. the pressure his head is putting on my bladder is triggering whatever mechanism it has that tells my body it’s got to go. after she’d felt his position dr r asked me if i’d had any contractions yet, but i haven’t – not even mild braxton hicks – so even though he’s engaged, we’re not considering his arrival immanent just yet.

after our appointment s and i went to koko black, because i have been craving chocolate mousse for the last three weeks, but haven’t found any that was remotely rich enough. i finally got my wish.

i’m still having trouble sleeping, or getting restful sleep when i do drop off. it’s starting to make me feel a bit run down. i’ve developed a cold sore this week, which is something that happens to me when i’m overtired and/or having a cfs flare up). i’m trying not to feel anxious about starting motherhood as a zombie who hasn’t had a proper night’s sleep for over two months. i’d always thought that sleep deprivation was a post natal thing. oh well!

speaking of sleep, we assembled fruiby’s cot this week. it’s not installed in our room yet, because we’ve assembled it without one of it’s sides (don’t worry, it’s structurally sound) and we’re going to ‘sidecar’ it to our bed for cosleeping. i don’t want to be clambering around it in these last couple of weeks, because i am too giant and ungainly for that, so we’re waiting till the last minute to move it into our room. if i am too sore to climb around it after the caesarian s and i will swap sides on the bed until i’ve limbered up again.

there isn’t much other news – he’s still kicking and moving about a lot, which is great. s is getting to feel him more often, and that makes all three of us happy.

two weeks to go!