yay! fruiby is as long as a leek! i love leeks!

we had an ob appointment this week, and dr r informed us that my iron and vitamin d levels are much better now. my blood pressure is also more than satisfactory, and fruiby’s heartbeat continues to be strong. it looks like the rate at which he’s growing has settled a bit, which is good. he’s still getting bigger, but not at the crazy pace he was earlier in the trimester. dr r gave us a copy of my records to keep in the hospital bag, ready for if i go into labour early. and lastly, we signed the consent for the caesarian, which felt like a very momentous thing to do, so i took a photo (which dr r thought was hilarious).

c-section consent form

neither dr r nor my gp (who i saw yesterday) are happy with my anxiety levels, so we’re going to increase the dose of my meds to what i was on before pregnancy. i think this is for the best. adjusting to being a parent is going to be hard enough without the added complication of crappy brain chemistry.

i think i have finally had a few braxton-hicks contractions. my belly goes very tight, and feels almost solid to touch. this is sometimes accompanied a little crampiness on the underside of it, but overall it’s painless, and i probably wouldn’t notice unless i was touching my belly (which i do a lot because it is so marvellously round).

my stretch marks have been really itchy and a little bit sore this week. it’s been very hard not to scratch and irritate them. i’ve been moisturizing my tummy multiple times a day, and i’m hoping that will help things settle a little bit, because it is really quite uncomfortable.

i’ve been pondering the idea of a nesting instinct this week. if i have one at all it hasn’t kicked in yet. the house is pretty much as it always is (read: pleasantly chaotic), and i haven’t felt the urge to scrub the bathroom, clear out the attic, or anything like that. the most i have done is pre-wash some of his nappies and clothes. what i have felt is a strong urge to round up my pack. several of my closest friends and family members have been away over the last month or so, and i have been feeling very much like i want them all home, and close by for when this happens. i’m happy because nearly everyone is back, with the exception of my youngest brother, and he assures me he’ll be in town by the 18th.

a load of fruiby’s brighter clothes, just out of the wash.

we got the baby capsule fitted this morning. we hired one from ‘hire for baby’ because it’s much more economical than buying one. annoyingly, our car is actually quite small inside, so now that it is fitted, it’s impossible to sit in the front passenger seat (there are literally about two inches between the seat of the car and the glove box). this means that one of us will have to sit in the back with the baby and the other will have to chauffer us all around. it also means that when we have a second baby, and thus two car seats in the back, our current car will be completely useless. annoying.

one week to go! eek! i’ve made a countdown thingy so we can see how long it is in days, hours, minutes, and seconds til the birth. it’s here if you want to see it.

p.s. blogger have finally enabled threaded commenting, so i will be able to reply to comments much more easily now! hooray!