this week, our baby is the size of an orange seed. this is what it’s been like:
  • i’ve been super tired – it seems like more than my usual CFS tiredness… or at least it has a different quality.
  • there’s been queasiness if i’ve eaten anything particularly rich or fatty, or if i’ve eaten anything at all in large quantities. small amounts regularly seems to be the go.
  • i am peeing pretty much all the time. it’s annoying.
  • i am waking up between 3 and 4 am every morning and finding it difficult to get back to sleep. i get up, go to the bathroom, get a drink, and then just toss and turn for however long it takes to fall back asleep. 
  • i feel kind of tight and bloaty in my lower abdomen. it’s similar to that pms feeling, but again, it has a slightly different quality.
  • my breasts have been feeling kind of sore-ish, and like they’re already getting bigger. is that supposed to happen yet?!

it’s been a wonderful week. the news has had time to sink in a bit more and i am serenely joyful about it. every now and then i get an hormonal mood surge (irrational irritability, happy tearfulness, etc.) but since they’re short lived, and i know what’s causing them i’m just letting them happen.

i am finding it so hard not to tell everyone! it’s lovely to have happy news, and keeping it to ourselves is very frustrating.