this week the baby is the size of a pea. i hope it is as snug in there as a wee pea in a pod.

we have chosen an obstetrician, and made an appointment for around week 10. there was a bit of a drama with one obstetrician refusing to take me on because of the type of health insurance we have, and i got very anxious about the possibility of not being able to choose the birth that i want, and get the care i want. it was upsetting because this all came up at around the close of business, so i spent a whole night feeling stressed about it (epic anxiety dreams!), but the next day i phoned my preferred obstetrician and she had no problems, so hooray!

i’m also booked in for early screening ultrasound and blood tests too. we don’t know what we’ll do if we find abnormalities, but we want all the information, so we’re going ahead with screening.

so what’s been going on this week?

  • nausea is becoming more of a thing. it’s not appalling, but it’s more persistent. certain smells are making me feel quite ill (food-court-style chinese food, men’s deodorant, cigarette smoke, deep fried things…)
  • i’ve had some moments this week when i’ve had a tiny bit of blood on the paper when i’ve been to the bathroom. it’s been quite distressing. when it first happened, i had a real appreciation for why you don’t tell too may people about being pregnant early on. the thought of having to call people and tell them the pregnancy failed just made me ill. each time it’s been a negligible amount of blood with no cramping or other bad signs, and after speaking with the obstetrician about it i’m mostly reassured that it’s normal, and doesn’t necessarily mean that the pregnancy is under threat. if it’s still happening next week we’re going to have an ultrasound and check that the baby is ok.
  • i am so, so, so tired. i just want to sleep all the time. i’m trying to keep busy and resist the urge to nap, but i haven’t been wholly successful every day.
  • my bladder capacity is diminishing. i made it through x-men: first class at the cinema through sheer force of will, but it was an exercise in determination and endurance.

so, not a stress-free week, overall. but we’re hanging in there.