this week, the baby is the size of a blueberry. according to the pregnancy app i downloaded, it is now 10, 000 times as big as it was at conception. grow baby, grow!

i’ve had a cold/cough/lurgy all week so it’s been difficult to tell which crankies, woozies, aches, and twinges have been pregnancy related, and which have been virus related. being sick while pregnant has made me a bit anxious, but i have been trying to tell myself that billions of women get colds when they’re pregnant and it’s not going to break the baby. the most annoying thing has been not being able to take anything stronger than panadol for the aches, and being denied cough medicine altogether. my body is very sore and tired from all the coughing i’ve been doing.

on a happier note, this poem/story has been in my head all week. it’s beautiful, and makes me tear up a little every time i read or hear it: