I decided to take a “three Cs” approach to Week In The Life this year: calm, cruisy, and conscientious.

This meant not stressing about photographing every single detail of every day (in fact, on Wednesday I only took about 3 or 4 shots), and not recording everything we did with a specific timestamp. I actively chose not to get hung up on the details.

Instead I thought about each day in terms of three blocks: morning, afternoon, and evening, and conscientiously made sure I wrote a short, general summary at the end of each day.

This made me think in terms of highlights and memorable moments rather than minutiae. It also meant the the process didn’t get in the way of, you know, living my week. I enjoyed it way more than last time because of this shift in focus.

While I pulled a bunch of supplies from my stash, and made use of things like wrapping paper and a vision board kit form Kikki K, Ali’s WITL kit formed the core of my album’s look. The decision to use it really helped me streamline the process even further. The cute cards, and geometric designs appealed to me so much, and using them as a launch pad saved me from agonising over details and finding a look that would work for me. The point of this project is really to have a real-time snapshot of everyday life, and getting tangled up in the mode of storytelling, rather than the story itself totally defeats the purpose.

So, here are a few of my favourite pages and memories from the week:


mama finch week in the life 1 I’m so glad I got a shot of Arty playing hairdressers. He loves brushing all our hair forward and making us look like feather dusters, or unkempt Muppets.


mama finch week in the life 2

D&D only happens fortnightly, so I’m glad this session fell during WITL so I could record a Monday evening game. 


mama finch week in the life 6

I love the way that WITL makes you look at little details of your life through a slightly different lens. As Arty and his Oma did puzzles together, and I did a little stitching, it struck me that these two hobbies are actually really similar. It was a smile-inducing realisation.


mama finch week in the life 5

Never not sequins.


mama finch week in the life 7

I enjoy the way that my date night photo makes it look like Bill Hader is smelling my feet.


mama finch week in the life 7a

I cannot tell you how relevant Kellie’s coffee stamps are to my life. Also, that roast pork was amazing. It deserves to be immortalised.


mama finch week in the life 8

It was good to sum up and reflect on the week – think about what was routine and normal, and what was different. It was also good to pause and be grateful for what an amazingly full and lucky life we lead.


If you’d like to see more, here’s a fancy flickr gallery of the full album:

week in the life album 2015


Did you participate in WITL this year? How was your experience?