On a scale of one to ten, how messed up would your life be without lists? Mine would be at about a 12. I am pathologically incapable of storing important information in my head, or retrieving it in a timely fashion. If I want shit to get done, I’ve got to write it down.

Lists save me. I love them.

A few months ago I participated in an awesome month-long challenge for the love of lists. Queen listers Amy & Kam ran it, and it was rad (if you want to see the mini album that my efforts produced, have a look here). They’re doing it again in September, and I’m all in.

To get in the zone for the challenge proper, we’re doing a warm-up list and a blog hop. As my contribution, I thought I’d list what’s currently in my bag. I like documenting what I’m schlepping around from time to time – taking a photo of it is like creating a little visual time capsule. You can see what was in there in 2008, and 2013 here if you’re nosy like me, or just enjoy a comparison.

in my bag aug 2015 mama finch 1


And here’s the visual to go with it:


This time around I’m going to compile my lists in a cute stripy album I got from Daiso. It’s going to be quite uniform and straightforward, with lots of black, white, and gold. Here’s a little peek:


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